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Agility, Canine Fitness and Pet Dog Training in Jersey CI

With Louise Eden

Our entire emphasis in training is on fun, with a solid foundation of learning theory, and developing a relationship between you and your dog. If you and your dog are having fun, anything is possible. You should be a team, and a partnership, and if you can achieve this, the sky is the limit, whether your goal be a well behaved and fun filled family pet, or a high achieving performance dog.

We provide training for puppies and older dogs, primarily in Jersey CI, but also offering training days and seminars further afield by request. Our class sizes are small, ensuring everyone gets individual attention, and are designed to be fun and motivational for both dog and owner, using only modern, effective and safe training techniques. Our particular area of specialism is agility, but we also offer puppy, life skills and canine fitness classes for dogs of all ages.

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Eden Agility started on a very small scale in 2014 and has grown due to popular demand. In 2017 we renamed ourselves “Eden Agility, Canine Fitness and Dog Training” and now offer a broader range of services, including classes and 1-2-1 training.

Please enjoy looking at our website, but if you have any questions, feel free to drop me an e mail at edenagility@yahoo.co.uk

"Training a dog is , to me, on a par with  learning to dance with my wife, or teaching my son to ski. These are fun things, we do together. If anyone even talks of dominating the dog, or hurting him, or fighting him or punishing him, don't go there"

Dr Ian Dunbar


I have been training with Louise for around 10 years now and I can’t praise her enough, there is no one I’d rather train with.  Her patience is outstanding and she never accepts me saying “I can’t do that”.  She just explains it a different way and I suddenly find myself doing what I was so sure I couldn’t do!  Her enthusiasm and praise means I always come away feeling uplifted and positive about what I and my dog can achieve.  She doesn’t just train the dogs with positive reinforcement she uses it on us humans too!

- Denny Buckley

Louise has trained me a number of times over the years. She is excellent at explaining handling and helping with fine tuning everything so that you can get the best performance out of your dog. Louise is great for pushing me out of my comfort zone to try new things whilst being encouraging and enthusiastic. Living in Guernsey where there aren't any experienced trainers like Louise, she has always been happy to help as much as she can through messages, emails and videos for both FitPaws exercises and agility issues. Louise has helped me and my dogs a lot. Thank you Louise!

- Megan Burns

I have known louise for 5 years in her capacity as a dog agility trainer and with her work with FitPaws. In respect of agility she is the most respected of trainers both on and off the island. This is as a result of her technical ability but also down to her ability to teach the unteachable! And I should know! She is so passionate when she trains that you come away feeling so motivated and feeling that you can conquer anything! Her absolute priority though is for the wellbeing of your dog and this is so true of her work with FitPaws as she teaches you how to prolong the health and wellbeing of your dog through strength and conditioning training! I really can't recommend louise highly enough!

- Jackie Guegan

I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to train my dogs with Louise for quite a few years, at first in agility and more recently Fitpaws Canine Fitness classes. Louise's training is always so motivating and fantastic fun for both the dogs and their owners alike. I would recommend Louise to anyone who wants to do more and really enjoy training with their dog, whether it is agility training, Fitpaws or simply the foundations for a wonderful pet (which after all is the most important thing!). I am really looking forward to starting classes with my new addition in September

- Georgia De La Cour

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