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With Louise Eden

As my involvement in the world of training dogs grew, I stumbled across my real passion, agility, which is my main involvement today, and has been for the last twelve years. I am extremely lucky that my involvement with this sport has taken me all over the world. I am a five times Agility Team GB member, have represented Great Britain and Jersey internationally multiple times. I am the only CI handler to have taken two dogs both to Championship level, the highest possible grade in UK KC agility, and have won multiple Championship Tickets and Reserve Championship tickets with both dogs.  I have competed at all the major agility finals, including Crufts, numerous times and my young dog won the Novice Cup at Crufts 2020.

Whilst highly competitive in my own field, my dogs are happy pets first and foremost and more importantly, I want them to stay as fit and strong as possible. My interest in how dogs move, and my background as a dancer, combined and lead to qualification as a FitPaws Master trainer in 2015, and after further study with the University of Tennessee in 2017 I became a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer.

I currently run Eden Dogs, which was established in 2014, and we offer puppy training, life skills, agility and canine fitness classes, both in person and online.

So, that’s my journey with dogs so far…..what’s your going to be?

"Everything I know, I learned from Dogs"

Nora Roberts

My name is Louise Eden, and I am currently owned by 6 dogs of my own.

I have been working with dogs for 14 years now, and my entire life revolves around these amazing animals. I am a 5 times Agility Team GB member and have competed internationally multiple times representing both Great Britain and Jersey. But it hasn’t always been that way……

As a child, I was in fact frightened of dogs, and it was only in my early twenties, and with the arrival of a Westie of called Maisie, that my involvement in dog training began. As my knowledge and experience grew, I discovered I had found my niche, and something I was incredibly passionate about.

I went on to formally study cannine behaviour, eventually running obedience and puppy classes for a number of local clubs.

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