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Agility, Canine Fitness and Pet Dog Training in Jersey CI

With Louise Eden

Canine fitness isn’t just for sporting dogs, it can be tailored to each individual dog, depending on your specific goals and has massive benefits for all.

Whether your dog is a family pet who only takes a family walk, a show dog who needs to move effortlessly and with purpose, an agility dog who needs to be as fast as possible whilst protecting their body from injury, an elderly dog who you want to keep moving and flexible into old age, or an obedience dog who needs to develop body awareness and strength, FitPaws really is for ALL dogs.

A fit and healthy dog is a happy dog!

I am a fully qualified FitPaws Master Trainer, and University of Tennessee Certified Canine Fitness Trainer.  Our classes focus on key foundation behaviours, which will be essential for progression going forward.

We offer both classes, and also 1-2-1 consultations for those looking for something more individual and specific. Please contact me to discuss.

You might think your dog is fit, and they probably are, but how fit?

FitPaws aims to help your dog be at their best, and provides a great addition to any dogs training, whatever their current lifestyle. It's a great activity for pet dogs, keeping them mentally and physically active, but also has huge benefits for working and show dogs, who we can tailor exercise for depending on their activities, and actually help improve performance.  It's also a fun and interesting new activity for those who might want to try something a little different in their training!

Do they have good balance and coordination?

Can they use their entire body effectively, and do they have good movement patterns?

Are they mentally fit? Are they strong and flexible?

Do you want to physically prepare them for a specific dog sport, or enhance your dogs current performance?

How do you keep your ageing dog physically and mentally fit for as long as possible?

These are just a few of the questions answered in this class, which aims to teach foundations for great fitness, providing them with great mental and physical exercise.

*Dogs must be medically fit, and not under any treatment with a vet for musculoskeletal conditions

"If you want your dog to become a champion, you must believe in him. You must treat him like a champion. You must make him believe he is a champion"

- Linda Mecklenberg

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